GDC 13 展

作者:韩家英 Han Jiaying



GDC 2013年的形象设计,用了简洁的毛笔字“一三”和原有的“GDC”字体结合,这两种元素象征了东方与西方、也象征着传统与现代。希望GDC成为一个具备自身特色的视觉符号,更具中国原创设计精神的意象,展现在东方设计舞台,甚至参与世界设计的融合。


After 10 years practice, GDC in China has grown and becomes a pioneer, a professional platform for design industry. Events and exhibition was gradually increased at that time.

The branding idea of GDC 2013 was come from the Chinese calligraphy of “13”, 

combined with English letter GDC, it symbolize the traditional and modern design, also presents a international vision of GDC in Chinese designers’ view.