CARPE DIEM 2016-2020

作者:赵雄 BearZhao


CARPE DIEM是一个集合了独立时装设计师、艺术家、音乐人和各界创意人的多元文化活动厂牌,针对有态度的年轻群体,迄今为止已举办了数十次独立设计师品牌联展、POP UP市集及跨年派对,对国内潮流时尚文化有极大促进作用。

CARPE DIEM is a multicultural event label that includes independent fashion designers, artists, musicians and creative people in various fields. For young people with attitudes, dozens of independent designer brand joint exhibitions, POP UP markets and New Year's Eve parties have been held so far. The activities held by this label greatly promote the domestic trendy fashion culture.