W9-WallpaperOLED电视 W9-Wallpaper OLED TV

作者:彭丽媛 Liyuan Peng


市场:为增强2017年产品核心技术、工业设计的竞争力,结合市场及上游面板发展趋势,特开发一款高端旗舰OLED产品,采用LGD Wallpaper最新模组,最新超薄电源,新的结构方式,部分新工艺来实现。



Out of consideration of development trend of the upstream panel and the market, we designed this high-end flagship OLED product in order to enhance Skyworth’s competitiveness in core technology and industrial design in 2017. We adopted the latest module of LGD Wallpaper, the latest ultra-thin power supply, new structure and some new technologies.

As for the scenario, we believe as the TVs become slimmer, the OLED technology lifts the slimness of TVs to a new peak and TVs in the future will be as slim as a wall paper. Where TVs should be located and the experience consumers have will be redefined. 

As for the design, we collected opinions from marketing department, manufacture department and R&D department and reviewed TV appearances and structures. We found that its unique feature is nothing more than wallpaper. Therefore, no decoration or ornament is needed. The narrow middle frame is all that we need to highlight the nice image. A deep and strong vocal cavity is a perfect match to help we restore the essence and top value of the TV.