City Plus 城市+

作者:许礼贤 吴杰勇 XU Lixian WU Jieyong


CityPlus 城市+,旨在将全球城市链接起来,拟依托深圳市国际友城网络,打造深圳国际交流合作信息平台,通过城市的交流合作联结提升每一个城市的国际化水平。形象设计以城市生长融合「+」概念,运用缤纷色彩体现开放包容和文化的多元性,表达深圳与国际友城及世界知名城市在经贸、文化、科技、教育、人文等各领域的全方位交流和实质性合作,实现信息共享,促进资源对接。

CityPlus City+, which aims to link the global cities, is based on the Shenzhen International Friendship City Network to create a Shenzhen international exchange and cooperation information platform and enhance the internationalization level of each city through the exchange and cooperation of the city.

The image design integrates the concept of “+” with urban growth, and uses colorful colors to reflect the diversity of openness and culture, and expresses the all-around exchanges between Shenzhen and international friends cities and world-renowned cities in the fields of economy, trade, culture, science and technology, education and humanities. And substantive cooperation to achieve information sharing and promote resource docking.