作者:孔木习 周章辉 何芝邦 莫非 赵宇航Kong Muxi, Zhou Zhanghui, he Zhibang, Mofei, Zhao Yuhang



The perfect match between IP and business can bring long-term value. The use of mature IP can quickly bring in passenger flow and popularity, increase customer interaction and viscosity, and more importantly, position matching and match project temperament! 

A story that took place in the Silicon Valley of San Francisco. The image of a group of interesting, tasteful, and attitudeful uncles. Their careers as software engineers and professional managers perfectly match the core population of the industrial park and the temperament of the F-TOWN neighborhood. 

From the introduction of IP to the landing of Meichen, the exception was deeply involved and guided the whole process. 

The exploration of aesthetics and the application of 3D technology on Meichen can make the IP perfectly presented!