作者:余子驥(ZIJI YU)


Y,源自我(Y'STUDIO)自己名字,更多的是与我的工作方式‘为什么’相关,工作中跟自己及同伴对话最多的问题是为什么要这样做,设计于我自身而言是自我斗争中非零的博弈,以不同的角色参与在发现问题及解决问题中反复推敲及证实,直至“WHY”得以解决. STORE是集品牌形象,体验,互动及售卖的场所,Y'STORE是旨在呈现“Y“的多样性,适应性和创新性,是Y'STUDIO对外的形象及沟通的一次玩味诠释。
Y, from my (Y'STUDIO) own name, more is related to my work "WHY", work with their own and peer dialogue is the most question why is it, designed in my own Is a non-zero game of self-struggle, with different roles involved in the discovery of problems and solve the problem repeatedly scrutiny and confirmed until "WHY" to be resolved. Store is a place to set brand image, experience, interaction and sale, Y'STORE is designed to show "Y" diversity, adaptability and innovation, is Y'STUDIO external image and communication of an interesting interpretation.